Ceedo Personal

Create your own work environment on a USB stick


  • Customizable, compact desktop
  • Leaves no trace behind on host PC
  • Fits on a USB stick


  • Can be very slow, depending on where you use it


Ceedo Personal enables you to create a portable virtual desktop with your favorite apps and to carry it always with you on a USB memory device.

With Ceedo Personal you can have the same computer experience you have at home, anywhere. All you need to do is copy the Ceedo files to a USB flash drive and then customize it with applications and files to suit your likes and needs. Once done, you can plug this USB drive into any other computer and use those programs and files as if you were sitting in front of your own PC.

You can choose the applications to install in Ceedo Personal from a closed list in the Program Directory, or use the Argo Application Installer to access any other app in your hard drive.

Unfortunately Ceedo Personal fell short of our expectations during testing. The system was really slow: the Program Directory didn’t even load, and the Argo Application took forever to install any app. Though these problems may ruin the whole user experience, the truth is that Ceedo's speed depends a lot on the hardware you use. So if you're experimenting speed issues, try using Ceedo on another USB flash drive, or a USB hard drive.

With Ceedo Personal you can create a reduced copy of your own desktop in a USB flash drive. Too bad it’s to slow to be really useful.

Create your own portable personal virtual workspace on portable storage devices. Download applications from the Programs Directory or install your own.

Ceedo Personal enables you to create a portable virtual desktop comprising of your favorite Windows® applications, carry it with you on a USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod or any other on any portable storage gadget, and run it on any PC without installation.

User reviews about Ceedo

  • by Anonymous

    Great Product.
    afther the trial period is over ill defenitly buy this product ! i love it best vertualisation pr...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Ceedo good product very poor service.
    The licensing scheme does not support all drives. If your drive is not sup...   More